Remote Start and Alarm Installation in Valparaiso, IN

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Remote Start

During extreme weather conditions remote start can help you fight off the blazing sun that summer brings or the freezing chill of the winter. Avoiding the discomfort of extreme heat or cold isn't the only benefit of remote start. By warming the engine of a car that has sat in frigid conditions you increase the performance of the vehicle as well as provide longevity. Also defrosting the windows and mirrors will give you the visibility needed to drive safely. R & B Customs Truck Cap & Trailer Sales in Valparaiso, Indiana installs remote start on all make and model vehicles.
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We also provide installation of alarms to protect your vehicle and give you peace of mind. With alarms that give you remote start, vehicle location and other features, R & B Customs Truck Cap & Trailer Sales can protect your assets. Visit our location in Valparaiso, Indiana and rest easy that your vehicle is protected.